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Rajeshahee(राजेशाही) - The royal [ Art and crafts related to royal lifestyle ]

We named our brand ' Rajeshahee' as this word embodies everything that are brand stands for - a royal art, age-old traditions, artful lifestyle, and originality of crafts. This is a renowned brand which is broadly knowned  for its traditional Kolhapuri handcrafts and organic goods. But the brand is not only limited to the products itself, but it encompasses the many artisans and their families.

The heart of our brand rests in two intense principles - authenticity and traditionality.

Our Story

           Due to Prathamesh's wanderlust, he used to visit many cities. During that time he realized one thing that every city has preserved its artistic heritage. Similarly, we should preserve the artistic heritage of our city and bring it to people all over the world.

          Hence he first started studying the famous art and goods of Kolhapur. And started selling famous Kolhapuri chappals online. Kolhapuri Chappal was our first ever product and today it is also our USP. During the Corona period, we introduced leather masks and terracotta Mahalakshmi jewellery. Both these products became popular in a very short time. Customized products are our speciality.

             All our products rapidly gained popularity among art and craft lovers. Along with this, many actors from marathi film industry, singers and social media influencers were also fascinated by our products and connected with Rajeshahee as customers.

         Kolhapuri handicraft products are crafted by our skilled artisans. Many artisans have been associated with Rajeshahee. Apart from this some freelancer artisans and technicians are working with us. We started giving employment and fair remuneration to artisans. We started depositing the remuneration of women artisans by opening bank accounts. It has helped women empowerment. We are indeed WE and that is the most significant part of our story.

        Our studio is located in Bindu Chowk, a heart area of the Kolhapur city.


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About Founder

Explore product collections from our vendors

"A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."

Prathamesh Patil is an passionate entrepreneur and traveller. His passion for exploring places led him to start his venture which was started at his home itself.

     Prathamesh is also a traveller who loves to visit different places and explore their heritage, art and culture. Previously he has been a civil engineer and blessed employee  at a reputed construction firm in Kolhapur.

  • Our preference is not to compromise on interensic quality and value of traditional products in the era of digital marketing.
  • We aim to provide a experience of best organic lifestyle with our quality traditional products.
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